About The Traceability Pilot

The Traceability Pilot is an industry-driven, individual identification program that facilitates disease traceability, provides opportunities for value-added premiums negotiated by business-to-business (B2B) partnerships throughout the cattle/beef supply chain and operates at the speed of commerce. The pilot project:

  • Is voluntary and industry directed, rather than government directed.
  • Keeps data confidential, except for sharing movement events of an individual animal upon request by a state veterinarian and only in the event of an animal disease outbreak.
  • Captures animal movement along the supply chain to aid in disease traceability.
  • Provides 840 and 900 series EID tags to producers at no cost or at a discounted price, depending on supply.
  • Offers stockers and cow/calf producers a $5 per head incentive from feedyards if specified information on animal health treatments and practices are provided.
  • Allows potential for additional financial incentives between each segment of the beef/cattle supply chain through sharing or buying value-added data through B2B agreements.

The pilot is currently open to cow/calf producers, stocker operators, auction markets and feedyards operators interested in participating.

For questions about enrollment in the pilot reach out to:

(866) 395-5883

For questions about EID tags or the $5 per head feedyard incentive, contact:

Texas Cattle Feeders Association

(806) 358-3681